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Considering the Cost of Septic Tank Pumping in Austin, TX

Owning a property that is away from the hustle of the city has its advantages. The wide, open spaces can do wonders for your privacy and peace of mind. Of course, being further away from public plumbing and sewer systems also means you need a sanitation system of your own, Pro-Tec Septic is here to tell you all about the cost of septic tanking pumping in Austin. That is why the septic system is one of the most important components of your property. Read why investing in routine inspection and maintenance for your septic system pays off.

 Let’s get down to the bottom line. The cost of a septic tank pumping and maintenance routine is far less to think about than the costs associated with a total system failure. While the septic system can be counted upon for relatively “set and forget” performance, it does require monitoring.

The Causes and Symptoms of Septic System Malfunction

Every day, the sewage system and septic tank take wastewater out of your home and stores it for on-site treatment. As water is cleared of solids and dispersed, “sludge” builds up in the tank and settles in the bottom. Over time, an excess of sludge can take up more room in the tank than the water it is supposed to treat, which leads to a number of problems. If you see water collecting at the dispersal field, then you can already see that your tank is at capacity.

 A tank that is full of sludge and solids also mean that wastewater has nowhere else to go. As a consequence, your property might encounter slower draining, or even clogs and “backups.” A backed up plumbing system is certainly detrimental to the health and safety of your family and guests. By the time you see this happening, you may have no choice but to consider a costly repair call for your septic system—or more, if the damage is severe.

Septic tank being pumped in Austin, tx

Septic Tank Maintenance is the Most Cost-Effective Solution

Make septic system inspection and pumping a normal part of your home maintenance routine. Depending on the size of your home, the number of occupants, and your own water usage habits, you may want to schedule a tank pumping service once every 3 to 5 years. Doing so ensures your tank has enough room to store and treat water while upholding the normal flow of your plumbing and sewage lines. It can also prevent unsightly flooding in your dispersal field. This service will typically run you around $250 to $350 (sometimes more), depending on the size of your tank.
In addition to residential septic services, we also provide services for commercial septic systems. Austin TX residents can trust in the quality that comes with working with Pro-Tec. 

 Adhering to good maintenance habits is vital to upholding the health and safety of your home or customers. By working with a qualified septic tank technician, you are well on your way to keeping your property in order. The technician will have the training, experience, and equipment to perform essential maintenance functions, including inspection, pumping, and repairs. If you don’t remember the last time you’ve had to worry about your septic system, now is the best time to make a service call. If you'd like to learn more about the cost of septic tank pumping in Austin, TX and surrounding areas, contact us today!