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 Professional Grease Trap Pumping Austin TX

Do you need help with a commercial septic system in Austin, Texas? Need reliable grease trap cleaning? Austin, TX based company Pro-Tec Septic can help. We have vast experience assisting customers with septic systems, and also with draining and cleaning grease traps. Austin TX residents, Pro-Tec Septic can help bring your commercial kitchen back to a more sanitary condition by carting away some of that built-up grease that accumulates over time. 

Why Have a Grease Trap?

Commercial kitchens often use grease traps for purposes of sanitation, and to save money on plumbing costs.

It becomes hard for a kitchen that does a significant volume of cooking to get rid of large volumes of animal fats. Bacon grease, beef fat, and the other animal products can clog up lines and cause unsightly messes on grills or surface areas.

In terms of practical plumbing solutions, the grease trap also helps kitchen staff to avoid draining grease and fat through a pipe. While pipe draining may be okay for small amounts of fat in a residential kitchen, it can often lead to clogged pipes in a commercial kitchen, which can be ultimately expensive.

Grease Trap Cleaning

 Draining Grease Traps in Austin, TX 

For commercial kitchens with grease traps, regular cleaning and draining is important.

First, accumulated volumes of grease and fat can constitute a fire risk. Just think about how a grease fire acts — and how hard it is to put out when it gets started.

In addition, clogged and overladen grease traps can cause unpleasant smells, and make kitchens seem unsanitary. Items like this can lead up to a poor health inspection report, or give a kitchen a bad reputation.

Pro-Tec Septic can come in and clean out grease traps in a practical way — fulfilling an important service for commercial restaurant clients. At the same time, we are highly experienced in pumping out septic systems that can otherwise overflow and cause serious sanitation problems and even a health crisis.

Commercial Septic Systems

Let Pro-Tec Septic help with a commercial septic system in Austin, Texasgrease trap cleaning in Austin, TX. We will assist you in properly maintaining your commercial operations and preserving a safe and sanitary facility. Get peace of mind for your kitchen operations and rely on a partner with experience and a dedication to top-quality customer service. Contact us today.