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Professional Septic System Inspection in Austin TX 

Experience peace of mind when buying or selling your home with our comprehensive septic sytem inspection.  Austin, TX
residents, when you're looking for a licensed, professional septic tank inspection company, call Pro-Tec Septic, a company with an established presence. We specialize in septic tank inspections and maintenance and we will help you with septic tank inspections in Austin, TX to make sure you're getting the right services for your home's infrastructure.

On-Site Residential Septic Systems 

Suppose you're building a new home or making a sizable investment in an existing property. Many people want a property that’s somewhat removed from urban and suburban areas, to have a little privacy, to enjoy nature, or for more peace and quiet. One of the problems, though, is that most of these properties are not served by public water and sewer systems.

Is that a problem? Not if you have a professional septic tank company helping to service and maintenance on-lot septic systems and wells that you install or maintain on the property for private use.

Even though a license is not required to complete the septic inspection, you should always hire an inspector who is a licensed septic installer. A licensed installer will have the expertise and knowledge regarding how a septic septic system works. "Would you hire a mechanic to fix your plumbing?" Getting an annual septic inspection can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars in costly repairs. A Septic system inspection will let you know if your OSSF (On-Site Sewage Facilitiy) system is in proper operating condition or if there is anything wrong that warrants the need for septic repair in Austin, TX. If you're selling your home, having a recent septic inspection report on file can help to speed up negotiations.

Call Pro-Tec Septic and ask about septic tank pumping cost. Austin, TX residents choose no other than Pro-Tec for your septic inspections in Austin, TX. Let us help you to evaluate what your property needs, and work with you over the long term.

New Home Planning: Thorough Austin Septic Tank Inspections 

We Provide Detailed OSSF Inspection Reports
We not only will provide you with a comprehensive septic tank inspection report, we also provide the customers with a free "Septic 101" which explains how septic systems operate and the do's and dont's. Having knowledge about an OSSF system will help you to properly maintain your system and prevent unnecessary repairs.If we find any issues and you need septic repairs, Pro-Tec Septic also has very competitive prices on Austin septic service and septic tank pumping, which will save you money rather than if you were to use two different companies.

It's extremely important to find a good Septic tank company to do septic system inspections when you first build or buy your new home. You'll have a professional firm on hand to routinely perform septic tank pumping, and check to make sure the on-lot septic system is in good condition.

The good news is that there aren’t a lot of different kinds of maintenance involved in keeping a septic system in good condition. There is the need to pump out sludge every few years to avoid certain kinds of central drain field problems that could be quite messy, and in some ways, dangerous. There is also the need to assess the system for integrity.

Pro-Tec Septic does routine septic tank inspections and pumping. Get it all done with one professional company that trades on proprietary knowledge about how septic systems work. When you've put a lot of money into a home, you want a knowledgeable company to work with, so that you can have peace of mind about your home’s systems.