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Professional Septic Repair Austin TX 

If you need professional help maintaining an on-site sewage facility or are in need of septic repair, Austin TX residents should call Pro-tec Septic. Get professional, qualified assistance with your building’s septic system, in order to make sure your property is safe and livable and in good condition.

Ask us about the most common problems with septic systems, and how to avoid them through routine pumping and emptying and repair. You’ll get peace of mind knowing that your systems have been inspected by thoroughly knowledgeable professionals, and that you aren’t likely to get an unpleasant surprise from your septic system.

The Basics of Septic System Maintenance

The good news about septic repair Austin, TX is that most of these systems don't require a lot of different kinds of maintenance.

One of the most important things is regular pumping for the on-site septic system. On-lot septic tanks need to be cleaned out periodically, or sludge can build up and sometimes cause backups and drain field issues. Professional septic tank companies in Austin may recommend a timeline, such as every three to five years, for septic pumping.

Sometimes, septic tanks may need to be inspected to make sure they're in good shape and that everything is functioning the right way.

The bad news is that without this maintenance, serious problems can develop on a property. Sewage backups can cause health issues and lead to extensive damage to the property. Cleanups can be messy, difficult and expensive.

Septic System Maintenance Austin, TX

Getting A Good Septic Company On Site

A qualified Austin, TX septic system repair company knows how to thoroughly pump and maintain on-site systems. The best companies have licensing, insurance and bonding to support the services they offer to their customers.

At Pro-tec Septic, we have all these things, plus a dedication to customer service. We will work promptly and according to agreed schedules to help you to maintain the financial investment in your property and keep inhabitants safe. We do septic system pump-outs and grease trap pumping and related services, as well as septic system inspections in Austin, TX and assistance in diagnosing problems.

Call Protec Septic for septic system maintenance in Austin, TX — find out why our customers are satisfied with our professional services, and how we can help you with your property.